Remember To Think About This When You’re Stressing


Of course you can worry about the future, you’ve been trained enough to do that, but who’s going to look after your present?

Who’s going to breathe, and walk, and eat that sandwich, while you’re busy thinking about your next job interview?
Is your body just a machine in charge of keeping you alive, or something that needs intimacy with your consciousness, right now?

The priority is ours to define: but we have one mind only, enjoying our life can’t be done while pondering about tomorrow.

I’m not bringing solutions, there might be none. Maybe it’s simply not possible to be mindful of the present with the  pressure and the economic conditions imposed on us.

If so, isn’t it a strong warning that our society is unhealthy and needs a change?

There’s a reason why genuine spirituality doesn’t fit well in the Status Quo: there’s something revolutionary about it, but the change still needs to come from us.

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