Make Mom Cry Happy Tears With This…

When we think of our mom’s, do we stop and realize what they’ve done for us? As a child it’s something we could never understand, but as adults it becomes crystal clear what they’ve sacrificed for their kids.

How many boo-boo’s has mom kissed?― How many hours were spent in the car driving you around?― How many nights did they sit in the stands and cheer for you, feeling each win and every loss?― How many hugs and tears did she shed because she felt your pain or was joyous because of your accomplishments?

To be a great mom, you have to sacrifice a huge part of yourself so that their kids can grow up right and be the person who has the courage to take on the world.

Send this video to your Mom so she will know that you understand all the kisses, the sleepless nights, the heartaches and the joy…. was well worth it.

I LOVE YOU MOM! … Happy Mother’s day.