The Most Fun Way To Start Your Day

The Most Fun Way To Start Your Day
The Most Fun Way To Start Your Day

We only get one start to each day.

There’s no going back once that alarm goes off and we toss the sheets aside (or lethargically push them off of ourselves).

If only that damn snooze button would give me more than 9 extra minutes! Well, technically it’s 27 minutes by the time my limp wrist thwaps it for the third time.

It’s not easy waking up if we have nothing exciting to look forward to; nothing to get our blood flowing and our mojo moving.  Sitting behind a desk or dealing with bitching customers all day would deter me from even setting an alarm.

But what if, just maybe, you had something to look forward to when you wake up tomorrow?

It may sound ridiculous at first, but hear me out…

Start off on the right foot, or the left foot depending on your style.

I’m suggesting that within 30 minutes of pulling yourself out of bed you… Dance.

Unconventional – yes.
Ridiculous – maybe.
Crazy enough to work – absolutely.

You may be thinking, “I hate dancing, why the hell would I be excited to dance first thing in the morning?”

Because you are a unique cat who wants to get the most out of your day and is willing to try just about anything to do so.  If you don’t want to start your day off with more energy and some pep in your step, feel free to stop reading.

This is really simple, and it takes even less effort than you may think (or more, depending on how much you are willing to give).

The simplest 7 step process to feeling great (ever…)

1)  Get out of bed
2)  Do your business – if you need to (it’s natural, I don’t feel awake until I poop)
3)  Grab your iPod and headphones or fire up your stereo
4)  Find yourself some space – living room, basement, or even outside
5)  Pick out a jam that really gets you going, shaking, and jiving
6)  Press play
7)  Move to the music

That’s it.

Completely forget about how you look or what you consider to be “good” dancing – it doesn’t matter – especially because no one will be watching (unless you want them to).  You can get really into it and flail your whole body to the beat, or you can go the more subtle route by tapping your feet and doing a little head bobbing.  The key is that you are moving.

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, come on team is dancing time!

The most important moments

I’ve heard it said many times before,

the first moments of the day are the most important; they set the tone for all that comes after.

Now, I’m positive there is some study out there that confirms this belief, but that’s irrelevant.  The first moments may or may not affect the entire rest of our day, but I can assure you they affect how our day starts, which usually plays a role in the remaining 23+ hours.

I’m basing this off of personal results, the results of trusted friends, and discussions with fitness professionals.  When some form of physical activity is performed near the beginning of the day, 99% of the time I have more energy, am happier, and am slower to get frustrated or upset when presented with a challenge.  There is something about moving the body that helps clear the mind and enhance our mood.

But you don’t have to trust me.  All I ask is that you try it out for yourself.  Justone day if nothing else – ideally one week to lessen the effect of uncontrollable variables and give you a chance to find your rhythm.

Think of the possibilities if you started each day with a huge smile on your face…

Enjoy The Journey

P.S.  If dancing isn’t your thing, cool.  The whole idea of this experiment is to get your body moving in the morning.  If you just give it a shot I promise you’ll see some positive effects.